A biosphere reserve in the central Vietnam East Sea, Cham island should not be missed if you’ll be in the area. Islands with wild beauty, friendly citizens, and interesting underwater activities will mark a colorful page in your journey diary.

Check the event schedule of DIFF 2019 for times and locations of all events by following DIFF’s fanpage on FaceBook or visiting the official website www.diff.vn where you will also find all the information you need to know about the event.

Chances are, you’ll want to spend far longer than 24 hours in Hoi An – this pretty town remains a firm favourite amongst first-time visitors. But if you don’t have much time, Travel Consultant Dylan has a plan for how to make every moment matter.

A group of youngsters have founded a voluntary organization which offers free guidance to foreign tourists who visit Hoi An Ancient Town in central Vietnam. Hoi An Free Tour, a 200-member organization mainly run by students who are currently enrolled in local universities, aims to create a playground for young participants to improve their English

The top three “powers” in the Central region including Da Nang, Hoi An and Hue will take you from ancient historical buildings, romantic, golden and romantic streets and a vibrant coastal city. most in Vietnam. These three tourist sites are quite close to each other, so tourists have no reason to go all 3 points

This ancient town on the Vietnamese coast has charm, history and beauty to spare. It is also budget-friendly and a Unesco World Heritage site.

The 4th Hoi An International Food Festival 2019 was officially opened in the central province of Quang Nam with the participation of nine chefs from Germany, Japan, France, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

In the eyes of photographer Jatiewpainai, Hoi An has ancient and poetic features thanks to possessing many unique architectural works.

Discover Hoi An’s most famous attractions and immerse yourself in the rich cultural tradition here! Become a local resident for a day by taking a basket boat, enjoying a home-cooked meal and participating in traditional games Discover the true charm of the city and the countryside in a day, morning, afternoon or evening tour Visit

Hoi An is the most ancient and rustic thing of a Vietnamese space, with small alleyways twisting to run as long as ever, keeping the cultural characteristics of the East. A schedule of Hoi An tourism is self-sufficiently exhausted but makes me enjoy the peace and peace in Hoi An town.

With the participation of 500 actors on the 25,000m2 outdoor stage, the show resonates with visitors and international media.

Hoi An is an ancient city of Vietnam, the main trading center of the Central region in the late 16th to 17th century. Hoi An tourism is not only admired by hundreds of years old houses but also mix with the scenery of the beautiful beaches in Cua Dai and Cu Lao Cham.